Sunday, 26 May 2013

Learn JavaScript - new course, save $60!

I've published a new course on Udemy: a step-by-step guide to programming JavaScript. It has over 40 lectures and it comes with a 72-page eBook, The Little Book Of JavaScript, plus all the source code ready to edit or load into a web browser.

This course covers:
  •           Getting started with JavaScript
  •           JavaScript Editors, Browsers and Debuggers
  •           Fundamentals: variables, functions, arguments, scope
  •           Strings, arrays, tests, loops
  •           JavaScript Object Orientation
  •           Mathematical and logical operators
  •           AJAX – using JavaScript to request data from an online server
  •           Querying a web browser for information
  •           List-processing
  •           Error-handling
  •           Modifying web pages and creating HTML elements using JavaScript
The regular price of this course is $99 but if you click the link below, it can be yours for just $39:

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