Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Pointers for C Programming - new course

Get this $95 course for just $15.

Pointers. In C, there is just no getting away from them. Understanding and being able to use pointers correctly (and safely) – well, it’s the difference between a professional programmer and an amateur. But pointers are really difficult to use. Aren’t they?

The fact of the matter is, they needn’t be. If you understand them. And that’s what my new course is all about. “Advanced C Programming: Pointers” explains pointers from the ground up. What exactly is a pointer variable and how does it work with addresses in memory? What is indirection? How can you avoid common pointer problems such as memory leaks and program crashes?

Topics covered include:

  • Pointers and addresses
  • Indirection and multiple indirection
  • Pointers and arrays
  • Pointers to structs
  • Data-type alignment
  • Generic pointers and casts
  • Null pointers
  • Memory allocation and reallocation
  • Freeing memory safely
  • Pointer arithmetic
  • Singly and doubly linked lists
  • Queues and stacks
  • Pushing and popping
  • Function pointers
  • Deep and shallow copying
  • Common pointer errors

…and much more

NOTE: This is not a course for beginners. It is aimed at programmers who already have a good working knowledge of C programming and who need to take the next step in mastering C by gaining a deep understanding of pointers. (If you are a beginner, you should sign up to my C Beginners Course first).

Course contents:

  • 58 Lectures
  • Over 3.5 hours of video instruction
  • Downloadable source code of all examples
  • Quizzes and course notes
  • Lifetime access

Advanced C Programming: Pointers
Regular Price: $95
Sign up today for just $15
(Offer runs until end of May, 2017)

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Learn Java - Special Offer - Save $120 Off Regular Price!

Java Programming – the Master Course is a multimedia course that teaches you Java from the ground up. With over 9 hours of video tuition, plus a an eBook and lots of ready-to-run source code, this is a premium course that normally costs $149. But this month I have a special offer that will get you the entire course for just $29!

Even if you are a complete beginner, this course will explain all the topics you need to know in order to become a proficient Java developer. It starts with the basics and moves on step-by-step to explain advanced topics such as generics, enumerated types, file-handling and streaming. You can follow the course on a Mac or on a PC. And all the software you need is free.

This is what you get with this course….
  • 88 lectures and over 9.5 hours of content
  • All the source code ready-to-run 
  • A 125-page eBook, The Little Book Of Java
  • 10 quizzes to test your understanding
  • Lifetime access to the course

Java Programming - the Master Course is available on Udemy for $149. But, using this special link, you can get this complete Java course at a massive 81% discount.

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Good programming!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

​FREE C and C# Programming Tutorials

I recently published two quick-start guides to the C and C# (‘C-sharp’) languages on the Udemy Blog. If you are learning C or C# now or wonder whether you might want to learn them in the future, these simple guides give you a short and snappy overview of these two important programming languages.

They are online now. All you need to do is go over to the Udemy Blog to read them.

Best wishes
Huw Collingbourne
(Bitwise Courses instructor)

Thursday, 18 June 2015

C Programming, Top Ten Tips

I just published an article for C programmers over on the Udemy eLearning site. This gives ten programming tips as follows:
  1. Function pointers
  2. Variable-length argument lists
  3. Bit-manipulation
  4. Short-circuit operators
  5. Ternary operators
  6. Stacks (pushing and popping)
  7. Fast data-copying 
  8. Testing for header inclusion
  9. Correct use of parentheses
  10. Using arrays as addresses

Learn C Online

If you want to learn C programming you may also be interested in my course (8 hours of teaching plus all source code and an eBook). Hint: If you are quick and you click THIS LINK you can enrol on my course for a very big discount. But this deal ends at the end of June, so don't hang around!

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Customize Netbeans - two simple tutorials

Netbeans is a great free, cross-platform IDE that supports a variety of programming languages. In my latest YouTube videos I show two handy ways of customising Netbeans.

How to add custom TODO tags in Netbeans

How to enable or disable comment formatting in Netbeans

For more hints and tips be sure to subscribe to the Bitwise Courses YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/BitwiseCourses

Saturday, 10 May 2014

From pop stars to programming

How did I go from interviewing Duran Duran to programming in Ruby, C and C#? John Colley’s Online Learning Podcast explains all. This video gives a short extract from the interview that John did with me. Listen to the complete interview at the Online Learning podcast: http://jbdcolley.com/olp057

Friday, 9 May 2014

Free podcast about programming, Udemy and online learning

Pop stars, programming and big, furry dogs. How I went from interviewing Duran Duran to becomeing a top-selling programming teacher on Udemy. John Colley’s interview with me reveals all in the latest episode of his excellent Online Learning Podcast.

John has interviewed many of the top Udemy instructors, so if you want to learn more about their backgrounds, the subjects they teach and the strategies they have used to become successful online, this podcast is definitely worth subscribing to. John’s interview with me is here: http://jbdcolley.com/olp057