Thursday, 4 April 2013

Ruby For Programmers - New Course

If you are already an experienced programmer and you want a fast way to get to grips with Ruby, my new course on Code Project TV is exactly what you need!

This is the course home page:

Ruby For Programmers explains all the stuff you need to know about Ruby. It won't cover the programming basics - it assumes you already know that - it just gets right to the core of the Ruby programming language. It explains classes and objects, class variables and class methods, attributes and accessors, loops, iterators, modules, mixins, hashes, blocks, lambdas and IO. You can buy just one or two lessons for a dollar or two a piece, if that's all you want. Or you can subscribe to the entire course for just $19.98.

This is a completely new course, aimed at experienced programmers. If you are a novice programmer or if you want a more in-depth, step-by-step tutorial, complete with code samples and a course eBook, my course Ruby For Beginners on Udemy, is a better choice:

Meantime, here is a video that explains a bit more about Code Project TV.