Monday, 17 February 2020

Program a Collapsible Outliner in Delphi with Object Pascal

Collapsible Outliners are fantastically useful things. And they aren’t all that difficult to program. I have a short free course on YouTube that shows you how to create an outliner using the free Delphi Community Edition from Embarcadero and the Object Pascal language.

This free course shows you how to add branches and sub-branches to an outline and even how to drag and drop branches from one place (one ‘node’) to another in the outline ‘tree’. Later in the series I’ll show how to add formatted notes to branches so that you can create a brainstorming tool. This is a fun and useful project and a great way to learn to program in Delphi.

Delphi, incidentally is 25 years old this week. How time flies! I was one of the beta-testers for Delphi 1 and for over ten years I wrote the Delphi programming column for ‘PC Plus’ magazine in the UK. Object Pascal is a really nice language and Delphi is an excellent Windows-based IDE.

Incidentally, even if you aren’t interested in Delphi, bear in mind that I have lots more free programming lessons on YouTube. At the moment, I’m releasing one new video every week on topics ranging from Ruby programming to writing an adventure game in Java.

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